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Pardon My Words
Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Assalamualaikum =)

pic kat atas to time kitorg pergi politeknik merlimau
ada konvo 24.3.12 time to

actually all pic ni take guna camera LINDA but laila yg pegang hahaha
pantang meyh klu bosan ada camera dpn mata
ape lg ambek je le pic keje nye ngee~~ =D
haha maap ye kwn ku LINDA sbb buat camera to mcm laila nye lak

linda yg mana? hehehe
ha ! nie le dia. . . lawa an? 
haha kwn baru from putrajaya
dulu 1 skola but dia dh pndh skola lain lak

haha pape pon enjoy la juga
dpt la gak a fresh air tak ada la duduk rumah je adui -,-'

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16 February 2017


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