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My name's Laila Nabila. People call me Laila. Will be 21 this year. 12 Sept!!! Diploma in Accountancy.
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Love being crazy and act like a kids. Cause kids doesn't think about problem! Maybe?
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Pardon My Words
Saturday, 3 March 2012

Assalamualaikum =)

menang? kalah? ish ofcoz la MENANGgung kekalahan
hahaha XD apa pon tak boleh
tak pe next year last hehehe
btw ada byk lg but nie je yg ada pd aku
yg lain pd dorg and ada yg pd ckgu

haha u all know what kitorg lpas habis hoki je
argh !!!!! our face !!! mengelupas and gelap !!!!
T_T so sad la (gedik je) hahaha

Oraite, See U all at The Next Entry!

? ?

Laila in the house!
16 February 2017


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