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My name's Laila Nabila. People call me Laila. Will be 21 this year. 12 Sept!!! Diploma in Accountancy.
Love: Multimedia, Art, Music, Photography, Editing (photos/videos), Blogging, Drawing, Cooking, Shopping, Make Up, Food, Money!!!
Love being crazy and act like a kids. Cause kids doesn't think about problem! Maybe?
Hate: Fake Friends, Judgemental, Bugs, Haters.
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Pardon My Words
Sunday, 27 January 2013

Assalamualaikum =)
with my bestie Nurul Ezzaty ^,<

my lovely little brother ^,<

kenduri doa selamat, birthday party n BBQ di rumah aku 
drpd pukul 5 ptg sampai 12 malam
adik aku stress belajar main keyboard hahaha
takpe adik, practise make perfect ^,<
hafal nod tu dtg rumah akak kita main keyboard sesama lagi ok =D

thanks pada kawan kawan aku yang datang walaupun ramai yang tak dapat datang 
atas sebab sebab tertentu =)

Oraite, See U all at The Next Entry!


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Laila in the house!
16 February 2017


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