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My name's Laila Nabila. People call me Laila. Will be 21 this year. 12 Sept!!! Diploma in Accountancy.
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Love being crazy and act like a kids. Cause kids doesn't think about problem! Maybe?
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Pardon My Words
Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Assalamualaikum =)

3 sister are here =D 

Today, lepak bersama dengan Amira and Farhana. 
Dia orang datang dekat tadika sekejap then lepak mamak makan roti canai =)

Penat melayan kerenah budak-budak, so lepak mamak. Mula-mula nak minum je, last-last makan sekali tapi dia orang je la. Aku? Hehehe save money lah. Lagipun aku dah ada makanan dekat tadika.

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Laila in the house!
16 February 2017


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