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Pardon My Words
Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Perfectness? Perfect life? Perfect story? All the things that PERFECT?
Oh by the way, Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera. Ceh wah. hahaha
Ok. Actually, I don't understand what peoples around me or us wanted to or wanted from us?
Being a bad person is wrong, being a good person still wrong for them. 
Can they just ignore us or just consider that we are not exits? 
People talk behind, tell/talk the bad story, bad things. I don't know what they really want from me.

Like you all had heard, 'Orang yang selalu mengata kita, kutuk belakang, made a bad story about us, they just jealous. Jealous with us, with our life, with our happiness, with our superiority. But, sometimes when I'm alone, I always think about it. Am my life is perfect? Am my life is more good enough, more happiness than others? They saw me, then they just judge me like that? They just looked outside of me.The things that covered my sadness, my pain. I don't have to show my sadness to everybody. Not all things that we can tell anyone. Not all story, not all our secret we can share. If I tell them about my real life, about my secret, about how I feel in my whole life, do they would stop judging a bad things about me? Would they stop talking bad things about me? Would they stop make the things worst? NO. People can't stop talking especially when they talking about someone. Maybe someone that they so hate in their life.

Yes. I'm not a good person. But it doesn't mean that I'm a bad person. All people have their own story. Bad or good, it's just a story. They're not perfect, we're not perfect. We can fix the past mistakes and be better without do it again. Right? Just stop judging other people. You also have your own story, your own secret, your own bad things. Nobody's perfect. Sometimes I feel uncomfortable when people didn't stop looking at me and they started talk about me. I can't do anything dengan tenang. Did you know how it feels when people didn't stop looking at you and then started talking about you and they know that you know and you saw.  I feel like I want to punch their face and stuffed chillies in their mouths. 

I don't care who and why you hate some people so much. I also hate someone but it doesn't mean that you have to disturbed their life. Unless, they disturbed your life. But it doesn't mean if they do something bad to you and you have to do the same to them. We don't need revenge. 

Whatever it is. Whatever people says. Just ignore. Keep calm and relax. But sometimes, if they exceed the limits, you know what you must to do. ( But think first before do something )

To those who always and like to talk bad behind, just stop doing that stuff. You just wasting your precious time.

To those who are victims of curses, insults, keep calm and patient because your life maybe better than them. =)

You judge people like you really know them. Actually, you're not. 

Stop judging, stop talking bad behind, stop talking behind, stop being FAKE PERSON.

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16 February 2017


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